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6 Things to Remember When Planning Your Next Backyard BBQ


6 Things to Remember When Planning Your Next Back Yard BBQ

Summertime hospitality. There’s nothing quite like it. It’s a cool drink from a child’s lemonade stand. It’s a BBQ with family. It’s a late-night campfire with friends.

At Keim, we know that hospitality is important to you. That’s why we’ve created a planning guide for your next gathering. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Invitations. Let’s be real, unless you’re planning a big bash (post-Covid that is), then who has time to send out cute invitations? A thoughtful text, email, or old fashion phone call will do the trick. But regardless of how you spread the word, make sure you have a backup plan for if it rains. And if that includes dancing in the rain, dance on my friend!

Food and drink. Nothing says summertime like a BBQ. We love this recipe for Smoked BBQ Meatloaf (oozing with fresh mozzarella cheese), but one thing is sure: keep it simple so that you can spend your time having fun.

Décor. Opt for fresh flowers, a simple linen table runner, or these hanging solar lanterns.

Brown LifeTime Picnic Table
Lifetime 6’ Picnic Table Brown, SKU: 807050, $134.99

Seating. The idea of mingling at a summer party is great, until you’re about 2 hours in, and your partner is talking someone’s ear off. (Love you, dear!) Anticipate your guests’ needs and set up a few tables and chairs. We like the Lifetime brand, because they are easy to move (lightweight), easy to clean, and inexpensive.  

Activities. No matter how great the food is, or how interesting the guests are, activities help break the ice. (Can I get an ‘amen’ from the introverts?) If you haven’t tried Disc Golf, now is your chance. We also carry a lot of other yard games like Spikeball and Bocci Ball.

Thank you notes. Everyone loves a good old fashion thank you note. But who has time to individually thank everyone for coming? Rest easy. A text is a quick and thoughtful choice. But if you’re that kind of host, stop by Keim and pick up some thank you cards. We’ve got those, too!

If you’re thinking about placing a phone order for some of the items mentioned in this article, here’s some information that will be helpful:

  • Hanging Buoy Lights, SKU: 91160, $12.99
  • Lifetime 6’ Picnic Table Brown, SKU: 807050, $134.99
  • Lifetime Kid’s Picnic Table, SKU: 25432, $69.99
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